Evidence always seemed like a rather black and white thing (Law and Order SVU is one of my favorite shows after all). The bad guy commits a crime and there’s this handy trail of evidence to prove when, where, how, and if they’re lucky, why he did it.

I’ve discovered evidence is way more subjective and wiggly in my own life. For instance, if I’m feeling crappy about myself for say, not exercising enough, I can find all kinds of evidence to support my crappiness:

“Look there! On Monday you slept late and didn’t go to the gym.”
“You didn’t do the 100 lunges you were supposed to do.”
“Jeez, you didn’t even walk the dog in the last 3 days!”

As you can see, the evidence is clearly overwhelming. Except…

When I’m feeling great about myself and have thoughts like: “I take great care of myself,” then the very same events that fueled the evidence above can now be used as evidence of my fabulousness:

“You’re awesome, on Monday you slept late because you were feeling like you might be coming down with something.”
“You created a really fun workout (instead of those boring 100 lunges) that was so enjoyable, you’ll for sure be back to the gym tomorrow.”
“Since it was sleeting and snowing and Scruffy hates that weather, she was glad you just played fetch with her inside.”

If you don’t like how your evidence is adding up, try looking for different evidence.

2 comments on “Evidence
  1. Bridget. You have a wonderful way of brining me in as a reader with your short blog titles. Whatever topic you are offering up has some helpful insights a person can relate to and maul around. Cheers, Theresa

  2. Bridgette – I love the supporting evidence article. I can usually find plenty of ways to NOT be so kind to myself. After reading the article on evidence I realize – well it is all in how we say things to ourself, internal noise, that truly directs our lives and how appreciative we are to ourselves in day to day life that dictates true well being.

    Thanks for the thought provoking article. Ned

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