How do you react to the good?


Scruffy, the Momentum LifeWorks mascot and general wonderdog, inspired me to write this post. See, when we give her a really good treat like a chewy bone or a Dingo, she goes a little nutty. She carries the newly-acquired treasure around in her mouth and wanders all over the house whining this little pitiful whine. She seems to be looking for an ideal place to either stash or consume her booty. Even though she got exactly what she wants, she has no idea what to do now. Sound familiar?

This got me thinking about how we react when really outstanding things happen. Say, for instance, getting a new job. At first there’s elation, “I got a new job, yay! I’m so excited.” Perhaps you do a little happy dance and tell all your friends. Right on the heels of that comes the first “whine” (if you will) in the form of, “Oh crap! I have a new job.” (Wow, what will I ever do with this treat?). Then we proceed to have all kinds of thoughts about what could happen–What if I fail? (Should I hide it in the couch?), What if I don’t like it? (Should I eat it on the stairs?), What if no one likes me? (Should I bury it outside?). Now we are thoroughly freaked out about this wonderful new job (chewy bone) and are unable to enjoy it.

My advice? Do what Scruffy does, after about 10 minutes she realizes she has a wonderful chewy bone—it’s right there, just for her! What a great and glorious day this is! Then she sits down and enjoys every minute of it. What changed? She quit worrying about what to do, which caused her to quit her tailspin and then all she had to do was sit down and eat the bone (show up and do the job). Yum.

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