I’ve been thinking a lot about inspiration this week. While it’s important to do the deep work on the stuff that holds us back from living the life we truly want, it’s also important to aspire, dream and imagine. Isn’t that why we do all the work?

I saw Meadow Devor’s mind movie earlier this week, had a massive never-before-experienced flash of inspiration, jumped out of bed at an ungodly hour and made this.


What inspires you?

Learn more about mind movies here.

One comment on “Inspiration
  1. Bridgette – WOW, that was incredible! I just signed up for Martha Becks June Life Coach Training. I’ve been listening to Brooke and Meadow and now I’ve found you too! I’m so excited to be walking the path you’ve already started. I’m in Bellevue and wanted to check out the other MB Life Coaches in the area. I’m so impressed by your inspirational blog and can’t wait to be doing the same sort of thing. I loved your mind movie – so creative, what a life this is!

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