I’ve become the person I never wanted to be

I was at dinner with one of my best friends tonight and she was lamenting that we’re pushing 40 (gasp!) and how now she prefers to savor one really tasty drink rather than down a sixpack and have a lousy hangover the next day.

I laughingly told her she’s become the person she never wanted to be.

I have also become the person that the teenage me would’ve reveled in mocking.

I can’t remember the last time I stayed up past 1 a.m. (If I did I was probably watching TV or reading.)

“Partying” means going to a friends birthday party–and being home by 10.

The above-mentioned dinner took place at 6.

I am straight-laced in terms of drinking, smoking and drugs. And not straight.

My idea of a great time is hanging with my family.

I adore my mom, dad and both my step-parents (this alone would be considered a miracle by then-me).

I walk my dog on Alki Beach instead of cruising the strip.

McDonald’s grosses me out–those fries leave a really funky taste in my mouth.

I think sprouted wheat bread is delicious.

I know one thing then-me wanted for now-me–to be happy. And girl, I wanted to let you know I have that in spades.

I am so grateful I became the person I never wanted to be. How about you?

One comment on “I’ve become the person I never wanted to be
  1. I heartily concur with your every line item. My 16 yr old self, nay even my 30 yr old self would have been appalled by my present priorities (a good night’s sleep for one) and my current notion of fun (yep — hanging with the fam sans mind altering substances.) Yet I also think my 16 yr old self would be comforted by how strong, confident and peaceful I am now. These are qualities worth growing into.

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