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If you’ve not heard my rhapsodizing about my new iPhone lately on Facebook, I have one and I LOVE it. Apparently I’m not alone–I had a client ask me what iPhone app I would recommend for food journaling. I’ve been trying out a couple, but don’t have any recommendations yet. I wanted to get the “wisdom of the crowd” on this one. Anyone have a great food journaling iPhone app or web-based service they use?

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2 comments on “Food Journaling iPhone Apps
  1. I am using “Lose It” on my iPhone and I love it. It’s easy to use and gives a nice graph of where you are in terms of daily/weekly calories consumed and total weight lost. Very nice app!

  2. I love Lose it too! It has been an amazing tool for me to see what I am eating, easy to keep journal, also tracks my exercise. Great for being an anthropoligist of your life!

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