Dreaming Big

I’ve been thinking a lot this month about dreaming big. Honestly I spent a decent amount of time being wrapped around the axle about it. You see I had a belief that I don’t dream big. (Yes, I have laughable limiting beliefs!) When I was in the grip of this belief, guess what? No big ideas. I tried to “vision” and “plan” and “brainstorm” and all kinds of other things to make the ideas come out. Nothing. When I believe I don’t dream big, I don’t dream big. It’s that simple.

I realized the truth is that I dream big and make it happen so fast that sometimes I don’t realize what I’ve done. Oooh, that felt better! All of the sudden the big ideas started coming, people even approached me with big ideas! And, I noticed that I quickly started to make them happen.

Here are the steps I went through to move from playing small to dreaming big:

1. Bust the beliefs
The first step in allowing yourself to dream big is to address any limiting beliefs you have around your ability to do so. You might think limiting thoughts like:

“If I dream it, then I have to make it happen and that’s scary.”
“If I allow myself to dream and it doesn’t happen, I’ll be disappointed.”
“If I dream it and make it happen, my friends/family won’t approve.”

Bust those beliefs by looking at the opposites of your fears:

“If I DON’T dream it, I won’t make it happen and that’s scary.”
“If I DON’T allow myself to dream, it won’t happen and I’ll be disappointed.”
“If I DON’T dream it and make it happen, I won’t approve.”

Could these statements be as true or even more true than the original fears? What happens in your life if you don’t dream big?

2. Use your own definition of “big”
If it’s inspiring and energizing, then it’s big. Doesn’t matter what it actually is, what matters is how you FEEL about it.

3. Let ‘er rip
Give those random, crazy ideas light and air. As I was making my vision board this year, I found myself pasting on an image of a blonde woman on the radio. Until that point, I hadn’t consciously realized I wanted to be on the radio. I had no idea what I wanted to do on the radio, it just sounded fun on a deep level. I didn’t pressure myself to figure it out, I didn’t run out and start an internet radio show. I just noticed and started tuning in to see what felt right. I started telling people I wanted to be on the radio and opportunities to be a guest on several radio shows arose. I have no idea where this radio thing is going, but I’m enjoying the ride.

Put your half-baked idea out there—write it down, put it on a vision board, start telling your friends. It just might be your next big idea.

4. Think good thoughts, and water
My mom and I were out planting plants the other day and had this exchange:

Mom: “I hope these transplants make it here.”

Me: “We’ll think good thoughts for them.”

Mom: “Think good thoughts and add water.”

Aside from making me laugh (I could do better at watering the plants), this struck me as profound. Making big things happen is equal parts inspiration and action—inspired action. I can’t just think good thoughts about the plants and expect them to thrive. But, when I’m thinking good thoughts about the plants, I remember that they love to be watered and get out there and do it. The same with your big ideas, think about them, get inspired and then do the footwork to make them happen.

What does dreaming big have to do with weight loss? If you are dreaming big, there’s no need to eat big.

11 comments on “Dreaming Big
  1. Inspired action is a great way to describe the way to achieving big things. It’s simple when we want to make them happen. Thanks!

  2. YES! I am so traveling this road with you, Bridge. As always, you have an eloquent way of expressing my thoughts. I have a vision board for my life, and your blog inspired me to do one for my business. thanks!

  3. I LOVE how the Universe keeps putting insightful people in my life, who say just the right thing at the right time! Less than a week ago I finally admitted to myself that I’m scared to dream – and look, here you are with my next step – fabulous!!! 😀

  4. Jeannette–you played a huge role in helping me dream big. Thank you!

    Dana — I’m so glad my mom loves to garden, let’s just say that. 😉

    Danny–Muah! You inspire me my friend.

    Heather–I’m loving watching your travels sister.

    Janette–Welcome! I love that I can pay it forward. Dreaming is very, very good. Can’t wait to hear what you cook up.

  5. Love the “add water” (since I rarely do)! The Quakers had (have) a similar saying that I love: when you pray, move your feet. Clearly the affirmation (dream, prayer) is the critical componant – then we need to DO something!

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