Writer’s Block

I’ve had an action-packed (and very fun) summer and just haven’t felt like writing. There’s been several things I’ve wanted to write about, but the desire just does not seem to be fully back in place. That’s ok, it’ll come.

What I have been finding are a ton of great blog posts that I’ve been sending to my clients. So I figured I’d share them with you too since I’ve got nothin’ right now. 😉

Jeannette Maw, the fabulous Good Vibe Coach, recently posted an interactive discussion about how to move toward what you want by acting as if you already have it. Be sure to read the comments!

Brooke Castillo, one of my mentors, recently posted an oldie but goodie about the lies we tell ourselves about our relationship with food. (Hint: You don’t  have a “relationship” with food, you have relationships with people.)

Master Coach and my very good friend Susan Hyatt chimes in with this nugget about savoring the moment. Juicy.

Another Master Coach and very good friend Michele Woodward wrote this post about when other people’s gifts (think metaphor here) become junk.

You’ll hear more from me next week. In the meantime, enjoy these posts, I did.