What’s Your Holiday Endgame?

How would you like the next 2 weeks to go? Here’s an awesome way to make it happen (because it’s hard to create something if you don’t know exactly what you’re creating). Simply complete the below questions—or add your own—to generate your holiday endgame. An endgame is just another way of saying goal or vision.

Make sure to:
* Frame it in the positive
So instead of saying “I won’t feel bloated and hungover.” say, “I feel lean and clear-headed.” See how different that is?

* Word it as if it’s already happening.
If you want to feel proud and free, you will always be wanting it.
“I feel proud and free as I stop eating when satisfied and enjoy kooky games with my family.”

* Pour on the feel-good
You should feel GREAT when you read your endgame. If not, keep working playing on it until you find the feel-good. Hint: drop the idea of what SHOULD be in your endgame and put what you want instead.

* Review it
Put it on a notecard and read it often!

Fancy Endgame Generator (ok, it’s not fancy, but it’s effective.)

It’s January 4, 2010 and you’ve made it through the holidays swimmingly.

How do you want to feel about yourself?

How do you want to feel about your body?

What did you do to enjoy the holiday?
(Hint: Let yourself have what you want and make it about more than just the food.)

What did you do to take care of yourself?

How much did you move your body?

What’s the number on the scale?
(If this one doesn’t feel good, substitute for another feel-good measure or skip it!)

Here’s my holiday endgame:
I love that workouts are a treat I give myself during the holidays. I fully enjoy whatever foods sound delicious while staying deeply connected to my body which weighs 165. I slow down and savor laughter and fun with friends and family. I feel blessed, proud of myself and ready to rock 2010!

Feel free to comment and share your endgame!

Wishing you the happiest of holidays.

Much love and gratitude,