Fact vs. Fiction

Are you letting fictional thoughts slip by disguised as facts?

Statements like:

  • I have to pay the mortgage.
  • I have to get this work project done on time.
  • I need to go to this family event.
  • I can’t disappoint Aunt Gertie.

And of course…

  • I have to lose weight.

These are all fictional thoughts.  By “fictional” I mean that they are your story about that particular situation.

The facts of the above scenarios are different:

  • I have a loan on my house from the bank.
  • There is a project at work with a deadline.
  • There is an upcoming family event.
  • Aunt Gertie invites me to visit every day.
  • I am above my natural weight.

When we treat fiction as fact, we lose our ability to actively make choices.

When you don’t feel you have a choice, it causes you to feel fearful and anxious which can cause you to reach for the nearest bag of Cheetos.

  • You may choose to pay the mortgage because you like living in your house.
  • You may choose to finish the work project on time because you don’t like the consequences of not finishing on time.
  • You may choose to go to the family event, but if you’re clear that it’s a choice, you may also choose not to.

Where are you telling yourself a fictional story disguised as fact?

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