Fanning the Feel-Good!

I talk a lot about letting go of crappy dieting habits, ferreting out thoughts that don’t serve you, and how resisting feelings just causes them to linger.

That’s all good, but let’s get some freakin’ feel-good rockin’ here shall we?

Here’s my idea.

Let’s generate the world’s largest list of awesome thoughts to support us on our weight shiftin’/body rockin’/healthy livin’/fun-havin’/confidence-flowin’/ideal life livin’ journey.

I’ll start, and you comment and leave yours.

I’m a fun machine.

I love how my body feels when I work out intensly.

I’m proud of myself every time I make a choice that support who I truly am.

And who I truly am is extremely kickass.

Music fuels my soul.

Love is the best thought/feeling shifting tool–or is it laughter… or sex… well one of those!

Life is too short to take myself too damn seriously.

I love how my body has been there and supported me through everything.

I use food to nourish my body.

I use my tools to deal with life.

Food is to be savored and enjoyed–just like life.

I am so lucky.

I give up the crown of perfection.

I love me more than nachos.



If contemplating “Fan Guy” made your mind freeze, I’m sorry about that. 😉