The River of Your Emotional Life

Think of your emotions like a river.

When you overeat, overdrink, overshop, whatever, it’s like building a dam with sticks, but the only thing that happens is the river builds up behind the sticks until it flows over and through them. The river actually becomes more powerful and concentrated the more you try to stop it. The way to make a river gentler is by widening the banks and smoothing the slope, which in terms of your emotions means allowing them to exist. When your emotions feel big, create a bigger space for them. Allow them to flow. Don’t try to constrict them with dams made of Cheetos and cute shoes.

8 comments on “The River of Your Emotional Life
  1. And I have a mountain of shoes to prove you right, Bridgette! Thanks for the reminder to honor my emotions… and as you say, to let them flow.

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  3. I lead what feels like a pretty wild life and this is definitely reflected in my emotional life. For so long I tried to pretend that I was fine and a happy shiny person. I guess I was very afraid of the size of my emotions and thought that once I opened up to them they would overwhelm me. Through meditation and qi gong practice I finally found a way to acknowledge what was happening in my body and although I am only at the beginning of that journey I realized two things. To my surprise I began to see that instead of being the enemy, my emotions are my friends teaching me which way to go and at the same time I am not my emotions, they are just an aspect of my experience.

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