Fanning the Feel-Good!

I talk a lot about letting go of crappy dieting habits, ferreting out thoughts that don’t serve you, and how resisting feelings just causes them to linger.

That’s all good, but let’s get some freakin’ feel-good rockin’ here shall we?

Here’s my idea.

Let’s generate the world’s largest list of awesome thoughts to support us on our weight shiftin’/body rockin’/healthy livin’/fun-havin’/confidence-flowin’/ideal life livin’ journey.

I’ll start, and you comment and leave yours.

I’m a fun machine.

I love how my body feels when I work out intensly.

I’m proud of myself every time I make a choice that support who I truly am.

And who I truly am is extremely kickass.

Music fuels my soul.

Love is the best thought/feeling shifting tool–or is it laughter… or sex… well one of those!

Life is too short to take myself too damn seriously.

I love how my body has been there and supported me through everything.

I use food to nourish my body.

I use my tools to deal with life.

Food is to be savored and enjoyed–just like life.

I am so lucky.

I give up the crown of perfection.

I love me more than nachos.



If contemplating “Fan Guy” made your mind freeze, I’m sorry about that. 😉

18 comments on “Fanning the Feel-Good!
  1. I love when I take care of myself.

    It feels so good when I relax more and work less.

    When I stop to notice, life is pretty damn awesome.

    I deserve to enjoy life.

  2. I am blessed
    I am exactly where I am supposed to be
    I choose to live my life with deliberate intent
    I believe
    I am perfect as I am
    I am happy at this moment

  3. I eat to live…not the other way around.

    My body knows what I need, I love that!

    I love how it feels to take care of myself.

  4. I just wrote a list last night, for moms!

    Top Ten Affirmations To Free Yourself From Mommy Guilt:

    1. I am not my children’s only source of physical, spiritual and emotional nourishment.
    2. The best way to teach is to be a fine and shining example.
    3. The more I love myself, the more my children love themselves.
    4. If I want to teach my kids how to succeed, I must show them it’s okay to fail.
    5. I can’t know what the future holds. My mistakes could lead to unexpected gains for my kids.
    6. I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve been given.
    7. I choose to focus on my best qualities today.
    8. I am a worthwhile person, even though I’m not a perfect parent.
    9. If I want my kids to show some self-respect, I’ve got to show them how it’s done.
    10. Loving my children will come naturally when I enjoy my life.

  5. Okay totally stealing this one from Brooke Castillo but I LOVE it and it totally works for me:

    I am a woman who takes ridiculously good care of herself.

  6. OK, here is my top ten this morning! What a great exercise Bridge! xo

    1. My butt is bootylicious

    2. Slowing down always leads to better choices and more happiness

    3. Food is fuel

    4. I love my curves and so do lots of other people! (lol)

    5. I feel better when my stomach is not over filled with fuel.

    6. I have an amazing life.

    7. My support system is always there for me.

    8. The Universe is looking out for me.

    9. I love myself even when I overeat because it gives me the opportunity to look at what is going on underneath.

    10. Taking care of myself allows me to take care of others.

  7. How about:

    1. I am my own special occasion
    2. Chocolate’s the period at the end of a SWEAT paragraph. 3. Fitness makes me freakalicious.
    4. Sweat is a do-it-myself facial.
    5. Eating to the point of energy lets me hear myself better.

  8. 1. I am grateful for my body – exactly as it is, and exactly as it is not.

    2. I’m healthy, I’m strong, I’m balanced, I’m calm.

    3. I allow myself to be perfectly me.

    4.Everything I need is already within me.

    5. I trust in the process of life.

    6. I am whole and complete.

    7. The universe is conspiring in my favor, and I invite miracles into my life.

    7. My life gets better and better every day.

  9. Oh Bridgette, this is just what I needed this morning. Here’s mine:

    My body has been so loyal to me, like a puppy it looks to me to take care of it, nurture it, LOVE IT. I’m going to treat my body just like I would treat a puppy! Feed it well, exercise it, hug it!

  10. I always have a choice

    The 2 most important days of you life: the day you are born & the day you know WHY

    The best time plant a cherry tree is 20 years ago. The next best time is now.

  11. My body loves it when I work out and then give it a good stretch.
    My body loves being taken for a walk.
    I am constantly shifting and transforming towards my highest self.

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