There’s Nothing Wrong with You

There is nothing wrong with you.

It’s true.

I see your raised eyebrow, stick with me here for a sec.

You are not broken, you do not need to be fixed.
Your soul is whole.
The shitty things you believe about yourself are not true.
Even if you’ve done shitty things, you are not a shitty person.

You might be misguided and misinformed about yourself.
You might be disconnected from your true nature.
You may have forgotten who you really are.
Hell, your chakras might be out of whack.

But there’s nothing wrong with you.

You only believe there is.

I know you’ll try to convince me. You’ll give me a list of your transgressions ranging from lying, cheating and stealing to the size of your thighs.

I’m not buying it.
Not one bit.

You only transgressed because you believed that was how to get your needs met.
You only feel ashamed because you think you’re a bad person for what you did.
And what the heck did your thighs do to you to deserve this harsh treatment anyway?

That’s not to say that we aren’t flawed human beings. Oh we are!
It’s to say there’s nothing wrong with that.

That’s not to say that we don’t have darkness, struggles, imperfections. We do.
It’s to say that our flaws, darkness, struggles, imperfections and occasional shit-fits are all part of us. They make us whole.

Life is not about fixing what is wrong with you. It’s about throwing your arms wide, digging deep and embracing all that is you.

Find compassion for yourself rather than abuse.
Think about it, has abusing yourself and your body gotten you what you wanted?
Try giving yourself the benefit of the doubt.
Try forgiving.
Try to see how that thing you did–that awful thing–was about trying to meet your own needs. And then meet your own needs.

Try kindness.

You give so much kindness to others.

There’s nothing wrong with giving some to you.

10 comments on “There’s Nothing Wrong with You
  1. Well, thanks to an Elephant I know my chakras are kicking serious ass, lol, your post is truly awesome. I have found most of us harbor some thought deep down- I am somehow flawed….not worthy…..I had a turning point where I wrote on a notebook “I belong”. Now more time has passed and it’s not just I belong….it’s I $&@ing O W N! Celebrating my eccentricity….my freakiness… way of being in the world has been life changing….as have base chakra aligning panties I wear on my head:)

  2. Once again you tell it like it is and I love to take it in. I am reading that it’s not about “fixing myself, but about throwing my arms wide and embracing all that is me”. I love that! On this evening as I am deep in these thoughts, I love your concept of embracing my quirks. I am finding that the more that I live my own life and stand up for my truths, the more that I am able to accept the me that is totally okay just as I am. I do have many occasional shit-fits and I love that you talk about them and that I am allowed to have them.
    Thank you 🙂

  3. I love this. It pairs beautifully with the e-workshop I’ve created. It seems we all carry around baggage of why we suck. Maybe their left over from not having our emotional needs met in childhood? Maybe the I-suck factor comes from comparison with others? Maybe it’s a bee hive of things for each of us? This post offers a way to unpack some of those heavy, burdensome bags so we can find our ways to self-love and acceptance.

    P.S. I shared this on FB – twice!

  4. Embracing the whole self, loving the previously “unlovable” parts and valuing their contribution to your well-being and getting your needs met is the kind of wisdom I totally get behind. I love this post Bridgette, and the spirit it engenders! Thank-you for writing and sharing it 🙂

  5. Say it sistah . . . I see that we hate the traits in others when we don’t want to accept those same traits in ourselves . . . the dark side, emotions or just the perceived flaws, only when we can love our different polarities can we truly love ourselves.

  6. Wow. Beautifully raw. That one hit me in the throat… and traveled up into my nose, where some priokly things are happening.

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