A Message from the Universe


The Universe said it wanted a spiffy poster.

I am
the One and the All
within you.
It is time for you
to fall in,
to fly.

It is why we gave you this experience.
Surrender and let it happen.

We’ll take care of it.
You can be afraid, but you must fall.
We gave you this experience so you can learn to let go.

It’s something you could not master with your minds.
You’re so smart.
You must surrender.
To all of it.
It’s part of your purpose.

We have big things in store for you.
It’s going to be fun.

Falling is infinitely safer than not falling.
You fall,
and fall,
and fall,
and fall again.

That’s the human experience of faith.
You fall. We catch.
You fall. We catch.
You fall. We catch.
You fall. We catch.

Falling is just a relaxation,
a surrender to joy,
to fear,
to your humanity,
to your flaws,
to your strengths.

It is the same
to surrender to your flaws,
as to your strengths.
To love, to fear,
it is the same thing.

Our Beautiful Ones.
We love you.
Feel our love for you.

Hey all…
So many of you really liked this poem and wanted a spiffy copy for yourself so I had it made into a fancy poster you can get here. Hope you like it!

4 comments on “A Message from the Universe
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  2. This is beautiful Bridgette! My eyes are full of truth tears. I’m going to read it at the opening evening of our Denver Bewilderment Book Club tonight. What a great way to kick it off!

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