You’ve Come a Long Way Baby

I don’t spend enough time reflecting on how far I’ve come. The work I’ve done. The growth I’ve experienced. The shadows that no longer plague me.

Do you?

Take a moment to ponder how far you’ve come. Write yourself a letter you can read on those days when you’re telling yourself you should do more, be more, work harder.

Tell yourself just how far you’ve come.

Because in the immortal words of Virginia Slim–or Fat Boy Slim–you’ve come a long way baby.

5 comments on “You’ve Come a Long Way Baby
  1. That’s my favorite Fatboy Slim song, and I never made the “Slim” connection until now – made me giggle. 🙂

    I actually do this regularly because it’s my best antidote to “never good enough”, or what I call “problem vision” where all I see is what hasn’t happened, what’s not perfect, or imagined future problems. Turning my attention to the change I have made, to what I have worked hard for, where I have stretched and trusted, brings me back to balance.

    I also find that I do this a fair amount with clients – I had an entire session last night where all we did was review the ENORMOUS progress he’s made in a startlingly short time. It was more valuable for him that looking for things to improve, this time, and helped really anchor him into that change.

    So I say amen, and hallelujah, and I’m glad you are saying this to the world!

  2. As the cowardly lion said, “Ain’t it the truth, ain’t it the truth!” I did this recently while participating in the Find Your Calling series and I was amazed. Especially when I went back to high school and even younger (I am now 59). I was so scared and scarred. Made so many foolish moves in my teens and twenties, continuing to hide from my true self. Funny thing is that my essence is the same and I am so happy to be learning to listen and honor it! Tanks be to God! (Andre Torres, SF Giants 2010 WS).

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