Unlocking Desire

Unlocking desire is your Hero’s Saga.

You must tell yourself the truths you don’t want to know.

You must feel everything.

You must follow what feels forbidden.

Suppress fear, suppress desire.
Suppress anger, suppress desire.
Suppress sadness, suppress desire.

You get the idea.

5 comments on “Unlocking Desire
  1. Wow, Bridgette, this is so apropos of my struggle this week. I have one to add to the list: suppress illness, suppress desire. When I finally gave into just being sick, then I could actually enjoy the rest that I was being “forced” into. I could see how my spirit blossomed by accepting the beauty of watching t.v. with my daughter, instead of fighting my body’s need to be still. Thanks for summing that up for me! xo

  2. As someone who was conditioned to deny/suppress feelings…..this sounds so decadent and yet so necessary. Thanks for the reminder…..feels like freedom!

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