It’s not easy

Today, I do the things I don’t want to do.

I don’t want to sit and breathe for 15 minutes.
But I want to experience Presence.

I really don’t want to clean the damn juicer.
But I want the feeling of aliveness in my cells as I drink my green juice.

I don’t want to write about the hard stuff, the painful things.
But I want to have written my book.

Don’t let the lure of ease
keep you from what you want.

15 comments on “It’s not easy
  1. Bridgette, I love the way you pair the action with the underlying priority in this post. I have learned for myself that the right action feels much easier to actually take if I am clear what my motivations for doing it are and what underlying goal or value it’s supporting by doing it! I don’t want to spend my day reading on this beautiful Colorado day, but I’m very clear about wanting to learn the material, do well in my program and ultimately graduate!

  2. Bridgette–damn girl if you didn’t hit the nail on the head here! I have this new thing where I no longer think about things in terms of ‘metrics of ease’ (which was useful to a point) but in terms of ‘metrics of satisfaction’–gets me to a whole other level of being able to do all the “dontwannas” that crop up in the moment in exchange for the satisfaction of the result. I find that the more I focus on satisfying my true desires, even if that means doing stuff that is tedious, boring, or whatever, the easier the doing gets, the more satisfying the results are.

  3. GREAT post! Thank you for this reminder to stay in tune with what we REALLY want. Getting into my truth-groove like never before and this post was an awesome morsel of fuel.

    Thanks again,

  4. So. in. love. with this post. I experienced the same thing yesterday. And… then I drank my freshly made juice and received a meaningful comment on the blog I didn’t want to write. Balance between sperm and egg – that’s my real intention for 2013.


  5. Thank you for this. I often resist things that “I don’t wanna do” and end up putting so much more energy into the resisting than just doing the (usually simple/quick) task at hand. A friend shared with me something he read; in short – some people are motivated by ‘gold medals’ (achievements, outcomes, etc.), while others are motivated by ‘German Shepherds’ (penalties etc. – don’t get bit by the dog that’s chasing you!). I tend to be motivated by ‘German Shepherds’ and that makes it tough to do things I don’t wanna do unless there is a concrete penalty (which is rarely the case with day-to-day stuff). I appreciate your reminder to consider the ‘why’ and let that be the motivation : )

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