What’s Your Real Mission?

This post is inspired by a Facebook conversation my friend Joya Iverson started where she posed the “Mary Oliver” question, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

And then I thought about those corporate mission statements that always made me want to stab myself in the eye. I swear that’s what they’re shooting for in those all-day retreats where they develop that crap. I was going to try to come up with a mock crappy one, but I got too bored thinking about it.

So I posted this one:

My mission: Do business with amazing people, write a book (or two), love fiercely, pet whales, try on cowboy boots, go wherever the hell I want to go, hang out with more amazing people, and then take a nap. And eat guacamole.

What’s yours? Post here!

20 comments on “What’s Your Real Mission?
  1. Since you asked: wrap my arms around my daughters whenever I can; be kind to myself; fly like the red-tailed hawk; laugh until my belly hurts (which occurs in the first minute); write and tell my stories and ask others for theirs; walk this grande earth and then dip my body into hot springs.

  2. My mission is to help other parents feel the way I do when all of my girls are around the dinner table trying their hardest to make me laugh so hard that stuff comes out of my nose. The corollary to this mission is to help teenage girls see that they don’t need anyone else to tell them they are pretty in order to be okay; they are enough, all on their own. I would also like guacamole,

  3. I love this Bridgette!!

    I’ve felt like such a bystander in my life, like I’ve been watching all the fun from the sidelines and haven’t been an active player. Lots of times I was trying to play someone else’s game and wondering why I felt so bad. My REAL mission in life is to play in MY game of life and help others do the same. No. Matter. What.

    I’m in, I’m in!! it feeeels awesome. 🙂

  4. Hmm..this needs some deep introspection.

    But off the hat, wildly off the “2008 Cowboy Hat from Mesquite Rodeo”: Write and win the Booker Prize, see the Northern Lights, go for a National Geographic Photography expedition, adopt two children, become a travel writer (full time!), make new friends from different cultures, learn German, Spanish and Italian, acquire a super fit and sexy body, live in a beach house that doubles up as a hangout for artists, meet Salman Rushdie for coffee and Daniel Craig for dinner, make and eat new salad every day.

    Wow…this wild living, is so very sexy! Lovin’ it! 😀

  5. thanks Bridgette, for bringing some real life back into mission statements.

    Here’s mine (for now): to unashamedly and unabashedly unleash myself to the world…to deny myself nothing…to write, speak, and teach about love…and to show up BEAUTIFUL.

    Note to Arpita: I’ve haven’t had cofffe with Salman Rushdie, but I’ve had a drink with him!

  6. Keep daring to find new ways of being and living bolder, braver, wiser, whole-hearted-er, and compassionate top my list. Getting on my surfboard again, even if it’s just to ride some little waves–I need to be on the water and in nature and surrounded by things that grow. Also on the list: finally finding my way back to Ethiopia, to finally bring some coffee back, and to Kenya to hold hands with my girl Euphrasia (working through secondary school as we speak) and encourage her to follow her passion. Talk of poetry and the meaning of life, sing my heart out and ukulele at every chance I get.

  7. Find a way to change the world and still make enough money to live without a “real” job. Learn as much as I can, laugh as much as I can, feel as much as I can, and love as much as I can. Watch sunsets, eat ice cream, root for the Bears and Cubs every year whether they win or not. Be grateful and optimistic, but never sappy.

  8. Breathe in the beauty of the universe. Love with abandon. Commune with poets, artists and a few scoundrels. Be a coach, artist, poet (and sometimes a bit of a scoundrel.) Play with my sparkly new blue-green boundary. Bow in thanks to my anger, fear and sadness.Feast on my joy. Allow. Allow. Allow.

  9. Thanks for this, Bridgette. I am recreating my life right now, so it seems perfect to write a mission statement that is true to the whole, real me!
    Here goes:
    My mission:
    To wear cowgirl boots and dresses, to get dirty, to play, run and climb outside, to commune with animals, to write a few books, to laugh OUT LOUD, to inspire healthy living, to teach moms and kids to embrace life (and each other), to become more of my crazy, smart-ass, loving, creative self and to choose my vision over the good opinion of others (including my lizard, Schlogg) <3

  10. To get out of my head more and stop wondering what my mission is – and just like you – do business with amazing people, write a book (or two), love fiercely, go wherever the hell I want to go, hang out with more amazing people 🙂

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