Random Reflections on Life-Coachy Things

True abundance is trusting that you’ll get what you need precisely when you need it.

Trusting without evidence is faith.

Our stuff is our stuff. It’s not about eradicating our flaws. It’s about being fully human. The problems begin when we deny or shame those parts of who we are: the ego, the neediness, the judgyness, the bossiness… Oh, that’s just me. As long as we’re talking about me, if I eradicate those parts of myself, I also lose my self-esteem, my ability to receive love, my insight, and my leadership skills.

So basically, love your parts.

Do the stuff that feels good, now; don’t wait for someone else to get on board with you. Related…your best shot at getting someone on board with you is to do the stuff that feels good, now.

Don’t wait until you’re not afraid to act. That’s not gonna happen.

Have friends that get you.

Play with responding instead of reacting.

Forgive yourself when you don’t.

You are worthy. Inherently.

We’re here to experience and express love.

You’ll forget all of this and remember it a bazillion times. Don’t stress.