You May Be Right

As a psychic was reading my base chakra the other day, and she said she saw someone else’s energy in my energy field.* She went on to say that people are only able to “stick” to our energy field when we give them permission. Here’s where she zinged me a bit…and that we give permission through our limiting beliefs. It’s like the spiritual version of TP on your shoe. So unsightly.

She said I contracted my energetic glommer-onner through my belief, “Maybe they’re right.” I didn’t even recognize that as a limiting belief until she said so. I thought it was the truth. Haha.

The belief goes a little something like this in my head: “What if the way they see it is really right and my way is wrong? Then I’m wrong for taking care of myself. I’m not evolved enough. I need to work harder to evolve. It’s my stuff. I better do my work to get clear on this. Ack!”

I realize this sounds completely inane and ridiculous. But believe me, it’s a big deal in my head. As a matter of fact, this belief has driven a decent-sized chunk of my behavior for most of my life. The belief cuts me off from my intuition, from seeing a situation clearly. It prevents me from accessing and asking for what I want and how I want to be treated.

You see, I’ve always been crazy-good at seeing things from your point-of-view, taking your perspective. Which is a really valuable skill and makes me a great at what I do. What I’m learning is that I also get to have my perspective. And when I tap into my inner knowing, sometimes what I see in front of me is wrong. For me. And I get to have my desires and preferences. Period.

So you may be right–and pardon me if this seems rude, ahem…recovering good girl here–but get the fuck out of my energy field.


*Chug a gluten-free beer** for the new-agey content of that sentence.
**May substitute kombucha.