Personal Coaching

Occasionally I have a few 1:1 coaching spots open up.

My hourly rate is $275, or you can buy a 3-pack of sessions for $750.

Interested in personal coaching? Shoot me an email here.

Corporate | Executive Coaching

I’ve had the opportunity to coach some high profile people. It’s been so rewarding to be a source of support for those who support so many others. Having a non-judgmental place where leaders can lay down their burdens with someone who gets what they’re going through can be tremendously helpful.

I also partner with Master Equus™ coaches to conduct horse workshops with corporate clients. It’s a powerful way to create community within a group and also for each group member to gain a deep understanding of their communication/action styles–both positive and negative. You can’t BS a horse. It’s like working with a living biofeedback mechanism–you get back from them exactly what you put out, without all the confusing human feedback. Doing horse work together is a great way to quickly create trust and rapport on teams.

Interested in executive or corporate coaching? Email me here.