People Say…

I asked some of my clients to answer the question, “Bridgette is the coach who…” and this is what they said:

Bridgette is the coach who:

helps you feel better about you, right now.
creates clarity from confusion
helps you figure it out, whatever it is
helps you free yourself from self-imposed limits

Bridgette is the coach who kicks ass. She’s aligned with her truth, and that makes it easy for her to spot the truth. Bridgette makes the scary seem like Smurfs.

Bridgette is a masterful coach who is insightful, wise, and wickedly humorous. Bridgette is a natural in the compassion department while she helps you to clear out the debris that is clogging up your psyche. Bridgette is a powerful and refreshingly honest coach who will gently steer you toward an inspiring and mega-watt life.

Bridgette is the coach who asks you the simplest questions that make you go HOLY SHIT and see your truth. Then she keeps asking questions. She’s like a curious cat, but more like a honey badger! LOL Something that feels so difficult to face, seems gentle and doable when I work with Bridgette. When I come to her it literally feels like my face is flat against a brick wall. I’m stuck. By the end I’m walking, moving–I feel free. I tend to beat myself up a lot. She has this magical way of making you feel good about yourself.

Bridgette is the coach who helps you see nothing is wrong with you for feeling what you feel. She helps you decode what you feel to help you be ok with who you are and what you want in life.