Information Diet

I have decided to go on an information diet, perhaps “cleanse” is a better word. I don’t believe in diets for weight loss, but this slightly modified definition fits in this case: “Such a selection or a limitation on the amount of information consumed for reducing distraction.”

I don’t plan to give up social networking, but I’ve been overly indulgent lately so I’m taking a weeklong break. I found myself surfing the networks as a way to distract myself both from work and my own personal Work. It was the equivalent of mindlessly watching TV, only I told myself I was still “working.” Why am I putting in face time at my computer? Old bad habits—this was exactly what I used to do in my corporate jobs when I felt stressed, overwhelmed or just bored (sorry former bosses!). If I were my boss, I would’ve called me into my office to talk about my lack of focus—oh yeah, I am and I did.

Day 1 (yesterday) went well. I was clear, focused and got a ton done. Everything from remembering to take the garbage out, to writing class outlines, prepping for a radio show this weekend (for more on that, see the end of this post), coaching clients, sending clients notes and playing a little golf in the evening.

Are you overindulging in information? Too much blackberrying, emailing, web surfing, tv-ing, newspapering, cnn-ing? If so, I invite you to join me in your own weeklong Information Diet. Comment and share your experience, I’ll keep you updated on mine.

9/18 UPDATE: My Info Diet is over, I made it a whole week without being on Twitter, Facebook, Netvibes (my blog reader) or other forums I belong to. I found myself wanting to pop over to these sites many times during the week, whenever there was a little lull in activity. I think I was marginally more productive, but what mainly happened is that I (cue the cop voice) stepped a-way from the computer when I needed a break or was done working. What fell away during the diet was the feeling that I needed to spend “face time” at my computer. I think I’ll hang onto that feeling. Oh, I also realized I didn’t miss much. 😉

Speaking of the Internet, I’ll be appearing on Annette Pederson’s radio show, “Your Intentional Life,” this Saturday, September 13 at 2 Pacific. I’ll be talking all about MONEY–how to improve your relationship and attract more of it. I’d love it if you called in with your questions.
More info and tune in here.