I was running this morning [Ed. note: You have to realize that I have never in my life before uttered this phrase unless it was followed with “from the cops” in my younger and wilder days. I am now a person who runs (or jogs slowly but let’s not mince words).]

Anyway, I was running this morning and half way through I caught myself thinking “If I ran faster, I’ll be done quicker.” I wanted to hurry up and finish the run so I could accomplish that task and be done. Then I realized there were a couple of flaws in this thinking. One, it was highly likely that if I sped up, I would not actually finish the run–I would crap out before my goal of three miles. Interesting. Two, what am I running for? To be done? No. I’m running because I enjoy the feeling of being able to run (believe me, I would *not* be doing it if that were not the case). I like how strong my body feels while I run and that it’s just me and the music. It’s an awesome feeling, I just got some good juju writing about it.

It’s great to have a goal and work toward it; running this morning helped me realize it’s even better to reach a goal when you’ve enjoyed the ride.

Random Bonus
Here’s my playlist from this morning:
American Boy — Estelle Feat. Kanye West
Benny and The Jets — Elton John
Calabria 2007 — Enur
Barracuda — Heart
Black Betty — Ram Jam
Black Dog — Led Zepplin (recommended!)
Carry On Wayward Son — Kansas
Crazy On You — Heart
Shambala — Three Dog Night
Sir Duke — Stevie Wonder