Tuning In

[Ed note: This blog post reminds me of a time when I hauled two disagreeing coworkers into my office and made them talk about how they felt about the crappy way they were treating each other. Never had to do that again—the idea of discussing their feelings with their boss and rival was so distasteful they managed to work things out. So, yes people, today we are going to talk about feelings. Feelings are good. ;-)]

Listening to music is a great way to tune into your feelings. The next time you’re commuting/working out/going for a walk, crank on your music, really tune in and notice the emotions the music evokes. I don’t know about you, but I spent a good portion of my life pretty checked out from my feelings. Listening to music is a great way to “practice” feeling and noticing the different types of feelings you have.

Notice how some songs amplify your current feelings and how other songs can even shift your feeling state.

Hearing the over-the-top lyrics of heartbreak or “ain’t it awful” shakes me out of my own similar story. I’m better able to reflect on my own feelings and even laugh at them. It takes me out of buying into them. There’s also something about cheesy 70’s rock anthems that can always shake me out of a bummed-out state. I don’t know why, I just go with it.

So tune in and notice the following:

What emotions do various melodies evoke?

What lyrics evoke strong feelings for you?

What songs can actually alter your feeling state and in what way?

Make a playlist (or if you’re old, school a mix CD) of music that evokes awesome feelings in you and jam on it regularly. Why? Because it’s fun.