You’ll Never Have It All Together

Many of my clients say things like this to me:

“I’m going to wait until my hectic life calms down to start weight loss coaching.”

“Once I’m at my natural weight, I’ll be happy.”

“I’ll just dive in, do all this personal work, and then my life will be perfect.”
(A personal favorite lie of mine).

“If I can just get all the laundry done, I’ll be less anxious.”

Sorry to be the one to break the news to you (actually I’m excited to be the one to break the news):

You will never have it all together. It will never all be done. It will never be perfect.

How do you feel when you ponder the above statements?

I feel excited, relieved, and peaceful.

For me, it’s a HUGE RELIEF to know that life will never be perfect. I can stop waiting for some future “then” where all the stars will align and I’ll be happy.

It’s really about being calm in the chaos. Choosing not to overeat when you feel sad, lonely or anxious. Doing the personal work because it helps you stay here in the present moment, not for some future promise of a perfect life. Starting to move toward your natural weight right now because there’s never a better time.

It’s about choosing happiness when you’re a hot mess—undone laundry, love handles, chaotic life and all.