I’m a twittering idiot


I’ll admit it, I thought twitter was dumb. I’ve heard about people “tweeting” and prominent bloggers all over the place gushing about this new social network for probably a year now, but I just didn’t get it. Why would anyone want to post little 140 character lines about what they’re doing at any given moment? How can this possibly be interesting or a good use of time?

Turns out it’s fascinating and in fact is a terrible use of time. I have become addicted to twitter. A friend and I were IM’ing about twitter the other day (meta-twittering?) and she said it’s like little verbal snapshots you get of people throughout the day (then she went and twittered that thought). That’s exactly it. I feel more connected to the people I follow on twitter even if I don’t talk with them. And, since I work from home, I miss that feeling of moment-to-moment connection with others that I used to get at the office. Reading their random thoughts fills some of that void and many times just cracks me up. Plus, I can twitter my cheeky quips right as I think of them, that way they don’t go to waste–bonus!

So, if you’re down, you can follow my on twitter, my handle is bridgetteb.