What it’s all about

Photo courtesy of Joya Iverson

Photo courtesy of Joya Iverson

Some little moments inspired me to write this post.

The moment this weekend when I looked at my partner as we were bumping along in the golf cart during our second 18 holes of the day. Just her and me, sun, green, trees, grass… and realized in that moment how much I adore her.

The moment this morning when a warm and wiggly little dog kissed my face and snuggled her way into bed to snooze with me.

The moment today reading a blog post from my friend Joya who just fled her toxic cube job and gave me chills writing about her arrival into her new world—literally and figuratively.

The moment when I realized that when I love myself uncondionally, my body will reflect that love.

This moment when I remember what it’s all about—this collection of moments.

Are you noticing your moments? They’re happening all around you.