Fast vs. Slow

I was thinking about fast vs. slow this morning. And how wanting to lose weight fast can make it come slow. Wanting to lose weight fast leads to lots of initial momentum and perhaps doing things like not quite eating to satisfaction, or doing the latest diet and then feeling dejected when you don’t see outstanding results right away, creating a loss of momentum. All of the sudden other things seem more pressing than taking care of your body and mind. In that way, wanting it fast can actually slow down the weight loss process—or even stop it.

On the flipside, it’s possible that taking it slow may result in “faster” weight loss. This could look like going back to the basics of keeping a food journal and and not letting yourself get too hungry or full. It could mean being kind to yourself which results in feeling really good and motivated about the work you’re doing, which leads you to wanting to do more, which leads to you losing more weight—perhaps faster than on the “fast” track.

I’m just sayin’. 😉